A genius without a plan will be beaten every time by an idiot with one. ``Glenn Beck``

Thursday, December 16, 2010



          We received your meat box. I also got your post. No that isn't my gun. But I really like it. I looked at several pictures, before I chose this one. I hope all Americans have a great Christmas, because next year is going to be a hum-dinger! Thanks a million for the meat. We never know what to fix this time of the year, all the food is so rich. No one put a tree up this year.Bah-Humbug. 


  1. No Christmas tree???

    We have a little one -- better than nothing.

    We have a couple big purchases coming up: mattress set for the guest room and a new TV. Our old TV is on its way out. **sigh**

    Glad that the meat-o-gram arrived. Enjoy!