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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was sick off and on (mainly on) for about 3 months, many anti-biotic ect... Finally, a Monday in middle March my husband (Warren) took me to the emergency room. They admitted me,then there was all kinds of scurrying around (nurses,doctors,x-rays,(cat scan which just about killed me as I have a bad shoulder and arm, I heard someone screaming and it was me, blood work, blood gases-which are immensely painful as they have to get blood from an artery. The worst was to come they then proceeded to put in a hated catheter, tube down my nose and into my stomach, (they blew all my veins so they had to put a pic line in my arm,a central line in my neck,(which involves putting in stitches to hold it into place) I was either semi-conscious or unconscious for the next items,they suctioned all the infection out of my lungs,installed a VENTILATOR,then tied me down. I was in and out of it for a week & half or so. I woke up in ICU,with nurses & doctors or anyone who came into the room wearing paper masks and gowns,I asked why? They said so I wouldn't catch anything as I had been very sick with pneumonia (I was still on oxygen,all lines still in,no food as to fear me choking,after having ventilator). They were giving me shots in my stomach-so as not to get blood clots from laying down all the time-I also had this thing to suction out my mouth all the time to get rid of mucus.(I forgot to mention that I'm asthmatic,in an electric wheelchair, diabetic, and have to use a frigging c-pap at night). I'm in all around poor health,but very SPUNKY! I might add *Warren stayed with me day and night*

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  1. Jackie,
    I spoke with you by phone on the Friday before you went to the hospital. You were really out of it!

    It's a good thing that Warren took you to the hospital when he did. Otherwise, you might not be here to tell the story!